Standing Committees

As mandated by ARTICLE 44 of the UAW International Constitution, adopted at the 34th Constitutional Convention, June 2006, Local Union Committees it is stated that:

“The Local Union shall have the following standing committees:

Constitution and Bylaws, Union Label, Education, Conservation and Recreation, Community Services, Civil and Human Rights, Citizenship and Legislative, Consumer Affairs, Veterans, a Local Union Women's Committee where such membership exists, and such other committees as they deem necessary. All committees should be appointed or elected, subject to the discretion of the Local Union or Unit Workplace Organization in the case of an Amalgamated Local Union.”

  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Union Label
  • Education
  • Conservation and Recreation
  • Community Services
  • Citizenship and Legislative
  • Civil and Human Rights
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Women's Committee
  • Veterans
  • Local Election Committee

This committee's mission is to make sure that the Local Union has the necessary tools in order to operate.  By combining the UAW Constitution along with the applicable Local 724 and /or Local By-Laws, this is the template for operating the Local Union. 

Members of this committee evaluate amendments, additions, and/or deletions to the Local By-Laws and then adhere to the guidelines to insure that they are properly discussed and then subsequently approved by the membership.

The committee makes sure that the membership approved by-laws are then submitted to the UAW International Executive Board pursuant to UAW Constitution, Article 37, Duties and Powers of Subordinate Bodies, Section 3. 

Terri Niblock & Dean L. Poggiali, Local 724 By-Laws Committee

The Union Label Committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods and services produced by union members under union-won working conditions. As citizens, we can demand that tax dollars be spent on quality, union-made products including cars, buses and the like. If every American were to switch the purchase of just $30.00 a year from imports to US made apparel and home fashions, more that 100,000 jobs could be saved, all by spending just a little more for American-made products.

Here are a few more informative sites


Here are some websites that have American made, Union made, or worker friendly products

The Education Committee coordinates efforts to get information to the membership on a variety of issues.

The following are examples of possible assistance the committee may help with:

  • New Member Orientation
  • Union Involvement
  • Worker-to-Worker
  • Financial planning
  • Laid off worker outreach

The committee will use a variety of resources from the UAW International, UAW Region 1-C, Local 724, and community partners  to bring the necessary informational outreach to meet membership needs.

This committee provides activities in the two above categories.  Currently the committee has been focusing its efforts more toward the area of recreation.

The Local Recreation committee is committed to promoting stress relieving activities for the members and their families.   The Local 724 Golf Outing has been ongoing for years.  The committee has continued to offer a reasonably priced outing, with a generous assortment of prizes.  

The committee is also looking to renew the annual Local 724 family picnic.  The picnic, which was open to all members and their families, was well attended and was accompanied by a softball tournament.

The committee is also considering hosting an event for the holiday season and is looking for ideas and participation.

The Chair of the Local 724 Recreation Committee is Todd Collins.  If you would like to participate in the committee contact Todd @

The Community Services Committee assists members in need.  These crisis situations may occur during times of layoff, strikes, facility closure, and/or dealing with day to day situations.

The Community Services Committee collaborates with community based resources that may be helpful in solving membership issues.  By partnering with the Labor Liaison network at the United Way, the Community Services Committee uses a variety of methods to determine the necessary steps to help the member in need.

Additionally, during times of strike, the Community Services Committee assists with the members on strike in identifying the critical needs during the strike, and helps alleviate the stress involved.  They work in conjunction with the UAW Strike Department to help the membership.

Currently, community services activities conducted by the Local are; Toys for Tots, Old Newsboys, Holiday Tree of Warmth (collecting hats, mittens, scarves and gloves), National Association of Letter Carriers one day food drive, worksite United Way drives, just to name a few.

Dean Poggiali is the Local 724 Community Services Chair

The Civil and Human Rights Committee is the union’s guard dog on the “No Discrimination” policies of our Union.  The committee members are committed to making sure that member rights pertaining to religion, race, gender, creed, national origin, color, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, marital status, and/or disability are not violated. 

The committee assists members with the proper adherence to the steps and procedures necessary to protect their rights in the event of violation by either management and/or fellow union members. 

Additionally the committee works with groups that are involved with advocacy against discrimation, bigotry, unjust policies and/or actions.


Another important committee is the Women’s Committee.  The committee engages in activities that help promote the well being of women in the workplace. 

The Women’s committee collaborates with the Region 1-C Women’s Committee to educate and inform on a variety of issues, including:

  • Political/legislative efforts
  • Pay equality
  • Women’s health issues
  • Community outreach
  • Family and work

The Region 1-C Women’s Committee meets regularly in both Flint and Lansing.  Although the committee is titled the “women’s Committee”, men are encouraged to participate to help support wives, daughters, friends, or co-workers.

At the UAW Region 1-C Flint office, there is a special section of the Sitdowner’s Monument Park courtyard acknowledging the contributions of women to the labor movement.  The displays show the bravery and determination of the women whose fathers, husbands, and sons who stood up to General Motors during the Flint sit-down strikes.

If you would like to honor someone special with a brick in their honor and/or memory, please click on the following UAW Tribute to women

Local 724 took action and along with several Units contributed to the memorial with a bench at the site.  Special recognition goes to the Bridgewater Unit, which made a generous contribution which allowed for the bench purchase.  Additionally, the Bridgewater Unit purchased a brick in honor of some of their sisters who passed away.

Contact Debra Mills for any info on the womans committee




The Veterans Committee mission is to assist all UAW active and retired veterans and their families. By using a wide veteran’s network, they can assist in the event UAW veterans needing help secure services they may need.

The Committee also serves as an advocate for veteran issues on the political scene as well. In light of the service to our country, the committee is dedicated to making the honor and dignity of our veterans is protected.

The Region 1-C Veterans Association actively meets to discuss veteran’s issues and to plan needed outreach efforts. The Region 1-C Veterans Association has been very active in a partnership with the VFW National Home In Eaton Rapids, MI, see the following link: The Association has been active with upkeep at the Stephen P. Yokich home at the home, which was built with UAW and partner donations. They have held fundraisers to purchase bikes for the children of the home as well.

The Veterans Chair for the Local is Gail Harris

The Local has a seven (7) member Election Committee. The Committee is election by the membership every three (3) usually before the triennial Local 724 nomination/election election cycle and are elected Local wide.

Any member of the Local and/or Unit Election Committees may not hold any another elected Local and/or Unit level position, in order to remain impartial.

The Election Committee is called upon to handle all Local Executive Board nominations, set up all Local 724 Elections, conduct said elections and make sure that the votes are tabulated and verified. They also handle the nomination and election of Local 724 delegates to the UAW Constitutional Conventions as they occur. Additionally the committee has assisted with the Unit level election process when needed.

The following comprise the Local 724 Election Committee:
• Kim Petrie, Chair (Lear Mason)
• Phil Huffine (Bridgewater)
• Ken King (Huntsman-retired)
• Julius Maurer (Olofsson-retired)
• Migel Meija (Woodbridge)
• Mary Patino (Delta Dental-retired)
• Marcella Rosario (RSDC)

Executive Board recommends appointments for the Chair of the Standing Committees, with the membership approval being the final answer.   Additionally, the Local has members who act on behalf of the membership as it pertains to delegates to the Independent Parts and Supplier Council (IPS), Technical, Office and Professional Council, (TOP), Skilled Trades/Journeyman card applications, and Chaplaincy. The delegate to the Region 1-C IPS Council is Todd Collins, while Jane Gibbard is the representative from the Local for the TOP sector. Everett Henderson is the Local 724 Chaplain. Please contact the Local if you need to have anyone assist you in any questions you may have.

Additionally there are provisions for a Local 724 Retiree Chapter and to have a Chair elected from the Chapter to participate in UAW International, Region 1-C and Lansing Area Retiree events as a representative from Local 724.  The Chair by virtue of their election is also a part of the Local 724 Executive Board. Faye Harris is the Local 724 Retiree Chapter Chair

The Local has an Election Committee that handles the triennial elections, Constitutional Convention Election, and if needed helps Units that don’t have Unit level Election Committees take care of Unit nominations and/or elections, along with helping with contract votes.

Many of the Committees have opening for those interested.  The requirements for the participation vary by committee and amount of activity and outreach planned.