In May 2007, the UAW was successful in organizing the Alliance Interiors facility that is located across from the General Motor SPO warehouse on Mt. Hope.  The membership produced carpeting and sound deadening parts for the General Motors Delta Township and Spring Hill plants.  The facility formerly housed the former Labor Source 2000/Heritage operation that was a joint venture with Delphi and closed in May 2005.  Those members were Local 724 members as well.

After the election was certified by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Unit was assigned to Region 1-C Servicing Rep Art Luna.  Additionally the Unit was placed in Local 724 on the request of Region 1-C Director Duane Zuckschwerdt.  A temporary bargaining committee was also formed and this started the beginning of the Alliance Interiors history as a worksite affiliated with UAW Local 724.

It became evident that this was going to be a difficult process to secure the first contract.  There were sporadic bargaining sessions, which seemed at times to be more show than substance. 

As this exercise continued it become necessary to make some difficult decisions.  The membership was made aware of the situation and as is customary a strike vote was taken and the membership overwhelming approved the vote giving the UAW the necessary support needed.

On April 15, 2008 the proud men and women of the Alliance Unit of UAW Local 724 went on strike after months of attempting to get a fair and equitable contract.  With the support of Regional Director Duane Zuckschwerdt, Assistant Director Norwood Jewell, Lansing area UAW Locals, Region 1-C UAW Locals, and other labor unions, the 2nd shift walked out of the facility and went on strike.  One side note that before the strike was even called, Randy Eding, Region 1-C Education Director, gave the membership an overview of the UAW Strike Assistance Program.  This information was a critical component as it proactively educated the membership.

The company did try to continue with production with management and scabs and shipped stockpiled materials as well.  The membership was solidified by this lack of respect by the company and took the actions personal. 

The picket lines were manned 24/7 and the company employed security, with video surveillance.  Things were relatively calm, but we there were times when the chili does run hot.  It is encouraging for the members to have the support from the community and our friends. 

On Saturday, April 19th, about a dozen American Axle, Local 235 members who were also on strike stopped by to show solidarity.  They have had a frustrating time of it and it was especially gratifying to the Alliance strikers to have their support.

Additionally, the bargaining committee of Terry Summerville, Eddie Rodriguez, and Tim Gangwer, along with Region 1-C Servicing Rep Art Luna continued to try to get a fair and equitable agreement. 

The strike generated coverage from sources in the Lansing area, the state, region and even national media inquired about the strike.  It may seem unusual for all the press, but the strike eventually closed down the GM plants that it supplied.  The vehicles built at these facilities; Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook at LDT and Chevy Traverse at Spring Hill , which were selling well.  The added pressure of the main customer, General Motors, would only help the situation.

After much deliberation, the bargaining committee was able to bring a contract back to the membership for ratification.  On May 1, 2008 the membership ratified their first collective bargaining agreement.     

One other interesting note is that during the process and before the Alliance resolution the membership called for and then subsequently went on strike over local issues.  This necessitated that after the Alliance strike was over, many of the members then went from UAW strike pay assistance to unemployment.